Monday, 2 June 2014

Delok batang ai dam

The Batang Ai Dam is a concrete-face rock-fill dam in Batang Ai National Park in Sarawak, Malaysia. The power station comprises four 25 MW turbines, totalling the installed capacity to 100 MW. The station is operated by Sarawak Electricity Supply Corporation. Preparations for the dam began as early as 1975, before the design was published in 1977. Construction started 1982 with the river diversion work and the last turbine completed in 1985. The Batang Ai project, a relatively modest dam financed by the Asian Development Bank, caused the displacement of approximately 3,000 people from 26 longhouses. (These people have since been accommodated in the Batang Ai Resettlement Scheme to cultivate cocoa and rubber but the programme has not been successful.

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