Wednesday, 5 November 2014

My newborn

Who would of thought,
to my surprise,
The day I looked in my son's eyes,
That I would find my sunshine,
my star,
my pearl,
All the thoughts in my head,
of this little boy.
You came to me late on the twentieth of oktober,
That day in my life,
I will always remember.
I did not know who I was as a man,
'till the moment you were placed inside of my hands.
And it was at that split moment,
when you opened your eyes,
your true identity was no longer disguised.
As the lights glistened,
in your beautiful eyes,
Inside I slowly started to cry.
I was given an angel, from heavens' above,
The final test as a man,
A little boy to love.
I believe by God,
I must have been touched.
I love you carolus jr yeo,
I love you so much.

Your face lights up,
whenever you smile,
A glow that can last an endless mile.

your mom and I the same,
You are the completion to our circle,
the caboose on our train.