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rebulding my rxz

Yamaha RX-Z

Yamaha RX-Z 135 is a 2-stroke naked bike manufactured by Yamaha Motor Corporation. Debuted in April 1985, the RX-Z is very popular in Malaysia and Singapore and has been sold for more than two decades before the production was ended in 2011. In 2004, the model was revised cosmetically and a catalytic converter was installed.

The Yamaha RX-Z was originally equipped with a 5-speed transmission with solid front disc brake. The model shared the same platform and chassis as its predecessor, the water-cooled Yamaha RD125. Shortly after the launch, the RX-Z became popular among young motorcyclists especially in Malaysia. A few years later, the engine was upgraded with the installation of a 6-speed transmission, together with newer instrument panel and handlebar switches, as well as a cross-drilled front disc brake rotor.
Since then, the design of the RX-Z remained unchanged until 2004 when the model was updated, with the rear lights borrowed from the Yamaha Y125Z. The new RX-Z was equipped with a catalytic converter, sacrificing 1 PS of maximum power (original maximum power: 21 PS). However, the maximum torque remained unchanged but the low-end torque was improved compared with the early models. Some owners of the earlier RX-Z motorcycles may have problems during take-off because the engine tends to stall when an inexperienced rider tries to take off in the first gear. However, the problem was resolved in the new model.
The production of the RX-Z ended in 2011 after being sold for more than two decades.
In Malaysia, the RX-Z is one of the motorcycle models often associated with Mat Rempit street racers. As a result, many Malay movies including Remp-It use the RX-Z in their movies.

Manufacturer Yamaha Motor Company
Parent company Yamaha Corporation
Production 1985-2011
Predecessor Yamaha RD125
Successor Yamaha FZ150i
Class naked bike
Engine 133 cc (8.1 cu in) 2-stroke, bore 56x54 mm, compression: 7.0:1[1]
Power 20 bhp (15 kW) @ 8,500 rpm[1]
Torque 1.85 kgf (4.1 lbf) @ 7,500 rpm[1]
Transmission 6-speed
Suspension Front: Telescopic fork
Rear: Dual shocks swingarm
Brakes Front: Disc
Rear: Drum
Tires 89/90-18 45H front, 90/90-18 51H rear
Wheelbase 1,300 mm (51 in)
Dimensions L: 1,990 mm (78 in)
W: 725 mm (28.5 in)
H: 1,160 mm (46 in)
Seat height 770 mm (30 in)
Weight 106 kg (234 lb)[1] (dry)
n/a (wet)
Fuel capacity 13 l (3.4 US gal)
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