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Gone Forth Beyond the Sea

"Gone Forth Beyond the Sea" was the anthem of the Kingdom of Sarawak.

It was composed in 1872 by Ranee Margaret Brooke, in honour of Rajah Charles Brooke, and was in use until the Kingdom was ceded to the United Kingdom in 1946.

The tune is identical to that of the post-1946 anthem, "Fair Land Sarawak".


Gone forth beyond the sea
To clime... as yet unknown,
Where calls are made for thee,
To bear the sword and crown.

Advance, God speed, to save,
Creatures in jungles deep,
God's hand shall help the brave,
Tho'man's may rest in sleep,
Let Justice signalise,
And ev'..ry voice resound,
Who by the Eastern crown'd.

Tho'past and gone in light,
Thy name is still renownd, And as a chief in might,
Thy deeds are ever crown'd,
Let echoing vales redound,
By mountain, crag and nook,
Sing loud with joyous sound,
God Bless the Rajah Brooke.

Fair Land Sarawak

"Fair Land Sarawak" was the state anthem of Sarawak, alongside "God Save the King/Queen" from 1946 (post handover) until 1973, where it was replaced with new anthem, "Sarawak Bahagia".
The lyricist was F.C. Ogden. The tune is from the previous "Gone Forth Beyond The Sea", but revised and arranged by George R. K. Freeth in 1963


Fair Land Sarawak
We will never cease to honour thee
and with our loyal sons
Defend your liberty
From your high forest hills,
Down to the open sea
May freedom ever reign
Men Live in Unity
Proudly our Flag flies high
above our Country Strong and Free
Long may our People live
in Peace and harmony

Iban version

A Iban version of the national anthem is said to have been composed by Abang Ujai:
Pemanah Sarawak kami selalu meri puji
Nyaga pengelantang menua anak kami
Ari bukit, kampung ngagai tasik nyadi
Pemaik meruan, kami begempung ati
Tinggi menira bediri diatas menua kami
Gayu mensia diau likun enggau rami

Malay version

The following is a literal translation of the lyrics in Malay:
Sarawak Tanah Airku
Engkau akan kami sanjung
Dengan anakmu yang setia
Akan kami berjuang
Dari bukit-bukau
Hingga ke laut samudera
Semoga terus aman sentosa
Hidup dengan bersatu padu
Berkibarlah oh benderaku
Di negaraku terus teguh dan bebas
Semoga rakyat hidup bersama
Dalam aman dan harmoni

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