Sunday, 19 July 2015

Rock climbers

Rock climbers usually have an arsenal of knots they know how to tie, but none are as frequently used as the figure eight follow through. The figure eight follow through secures the climber to the rope through their harness and acts as their protection from hitting the ground when falling. This makes the knot very important to learn and tie correctly! No prior knowledge of knots is needed to learn and master this knot, but plenty of practice is recommended. Throughout these instructions you will learn how to appropriately tie a figure eight follow through knot used for climbing. Learning to tie this knot should take between five to ten minutes of practice for a lifetime of memory.

Items Needed:

1. Climbing Harness
2. Climbing Rope

Step 1: Create the figure eight

A. Take a length of rope that reaches from your hand to the opposite shoulder. Length may vary depending on arm length.

B. Create a loop in the rope to begin the figure eight.

C. Wrap the end of the rope back around the fixed end until the rope has completely encircled itself.

D. Insert the end of the rope through the loop created in B. This creates the figure eight

E. Pull the figure eight tight.

These steps create the initial figure eight which is the framework for the knot.

Step 2: Loop rope through harnes

Step 3: Retrace the figure eight knot

Retrace the original figure eight knot created in step 1 as shown in the pictures. This part is like laying train tracks putting in the other line right next to the original.