Tuesday, 21 July 2015

the right frame saiz for your road bike

Measure your inside leg:
The step length is the length of the inside of the leg. The best and most accurate measure of your stride length is by using a spirit level and a tape measure. If you have no spirit level to hand a book or similar works as well. Now, position yourself barefoot (!) on a flat surface and clamp the level (or the book) as level as possible between the legs and pull it upwards until it becomes gradually unpleasant. Now measure the distance from the top of the level to the ground. The reading corresponds to your stride length.

Determine the right frame size: 

For a Road bike: Multiply your inside leg by a factor of 0.665. The value that you get is the theoretical frame height in cm. For a Triathlon bike subduct 3cm of your value.
For a Mountain bike: Multiply your inside leg by a factor of 0.226. The value that you get is the theoretical frame height in inches. Multiplied by 2.54, you get the frame height in cm.
For trekking bikes: Multiply your inside leg by a factor of 0.66. The value that you get is the theoretical frame height in centimeters. Multiply by 0.259 to get the frame height in inches. With suspension seat posts deduct about 5 cm (or 2 inches) from the theoretical size. If your value is between two offered heights, apply the following rule of thumb: Choose the smaller frame size for sporty driving style. A larger frame results in a more comfortable seating position.

Determine the framesize by your body size:

Alternatively you can determine your framesize also about your body size. However, the method of the step length is more accurate.

Framesize road bike*:

Body size                                       Framesize
155-165 cm48-51 cm
165-170 cm51-53 cm
170-175 cm53-55 cm
175-180 cm55-58 cm
180-185 cm58-61 cm
185-190 cm61-63 cm
190-195 cm63-65 cm
195-200 cm65-... cm

Framesize mountain bike*:

Body size                        Framesize in inches                           Framesize in cm
155-165 cm                        14-15"35-38 cm
165-170 cm                        15-16"38-41 cm
170-175 cm                        16-17"41-43 cm
175-180 cm                        17-18"43-46 cm
180-185 cm                        18-19"46-48 cm
185-190 cm                        19-21"48-53 cm
190-195 cm                        21-22"53-56 cm
195-200 cm                        22-23"56-58 cm

Framesize trekking bike*:

Body size                               Framesize
155-168 cm                              46-50 cm
168-180 cm                              50-54 cm
180-193 cm                              54-58 cm
193-200 cm                              58-62 cm