Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Trend Of Modifications Custom Motorcycle

Hey guys! Here I will introduce to you about the various kinds of “Trend Of Modifications Custom Motorcycle” for example: Jap Style, Cafe Racer, Street Tracker, Brat Style, Chopper, Hot Rod, Bobber, Scrambler and many more guys!

Trend of modifications custom motorcycle very trend among young people today guys, great custom motorcycle builder example is Deus Ex Machina. Trend ofmodifications custom motorcycle are many kinds, sometimes we ourselves are confused in determining what the hell wrote all sorts of flow modification of the motorcycle? Not a few also looks similar but different names flow modification. For that I will explain the various trends flow costum motor modification, the following modifications to the various streams of custom motorcycle guys!

1. Cafe Racer

Cafe Racer is a modification of the flow of custom motorcycles which adopts the style of the ancient race. Cafe Racer flow is divided into two, namely without fairing and fairing use, full or half. Characteristic of flow modification cafe racer that is, among others, using the handlebar clamp that automatically positions more weight down when driving such as motor racing. Another distinctive feature is the low seat with rear tail curved backwards and upwards like a wasp tail. In addition, motorcycle tanks made ​​slim and elongated thighs clamped let more comfortable.

2. Bobber

Modification of custom motorcycle bobber has characteristics that lie at the wheel is a big profile tires tend to front and rear. Bobber born earlier than the chopper, they are the same principle that is to cut some parts, but in standard fixed chassis bobber. This bobber is perfect for relaxing around town guys.

3. Chopper

Chopper, a motorcycle custom modification of the flow that has the salient features namely the fork / front forks are so long that they require a specially designed frame (custom) fit fork length and rake. The diameter of the front tires tend to be larger than the rear, the shape of the handlebars and the seat height is also lower. So the chopper is perfect for relaxed driving.

4. HotRod

Hotrod is a regular grip car modification adopted the muscle-car mania. Big block, classic car with a powerful engine, and usually pitted at the dragstrip. In the biker community, the display paints grim (mostly matte black + red or white accessories) usually makes a bike called hotrod homage, without any particular characteristic appearance.

5. Jap’s Style

Modification of custom motorcycle Jap’s Style can be seen from the change in the gas tank that is designed to be smaller and simpler, cushion or seat is made ​​thinner by type single seater seat is lower than the tank, using a handlebar spring hanger, front and rear lights are small and the use of tire large and wide. Jap’s stable and antep when used to drive due to the use of wide tires and large.

6. Brat Style

Bratstyle modification is the name of a workshop that took place in Saitama, Japan. Some works workshop Brat Style has special characteristics that distinguishes the other, which is like a tank chopper style, big and tall tires with a classic tread, colors tend to be flat and dark, and others.

7. Scrambler

Scrambler custom motorcycles typically use a patterned tire box or trail. The exhaust on the scrambler is usually located next to the motor. Stream Scrambler custom motorcycle modification is that for the semi off road and is perfect for mountain climbing guys.

8. Flat Tracker

Modification of custom motorcycle Flat Tracker has a view that has a characteristic such that a small tank and a pointed tail. Flat Tracker itself is a race event on dirt tracks.

9. Street Tracker

Modification of custom motorcycle Street Tracker is a tracker or a blend of motorcycle enduro with street bike, it looks like a trail of old like honda XL, TS Suzuki, Yamaha DT, but adapted to the needs of the street. Some JDM motors today the flow of street tracker, such as Suzuki BigBoy and Honda FTR.

“Trend Modification Of Custom Motorcycle” that is a trend among young people once this era. Hopefully this article can add your knowledge about the modification of the flow of custom motorcycles and inspire you to build a custom motorcycle. )

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