Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Get a cheap Metal Flake Helmet and make it look expensive!

Check out this forum.

Well here's my attempt at showing a step by step helmet paint job. When Biltwell came out w/ the new megaflake helmets I was pretty stoked. It meant that I could paint their helmets and skip the metalflaking steps and save time and materials. So I start w/ a silver megaflake Biltwell helmet.

The first step is to wetand it smooth w/ 320 grit paper. Then tape off the snaps and trim, and wipe it down w/ DX330.

Then you can start to tape out what you want on it. I kept it kinda simple on this one.

I decicided some lace in the side panels would be cool so I stretched some lace over the panels and taped it down.

I dusted the panels w/ a dark silver over the lace.

then pulled the lace off.

Then I went at it w/ an airbrush and fogged the edges.

then peeled the tape back.

Then I shot a custom mixed red/burgundy kandy over the panels.

Then I taped off the side panels and moved on to the next part. I shot a mix of tangeine/red kandy along the edges out of an airbrush.

And then I shot some pagan gold kandy over the orange/red kandy.

Then I taped off what I just shot and it was time to paint the middle panel. First I taped off some rectangles down the center. Then I dusted the edges w/ red kandy w/ an airbrush (sorry no pics). Aftter shooting the red I shot pagan gold kandy over it and pulled all the tape off. Now it's ready for clear.

And here's the helmet all cleared....