Monday, 14 March 2016

the story of Sjaak Lucassen

 This book tells the story of Sjaak Lucassen who spent more than five years crisscrossing the world on a Yamaha R1.
Sjaak covered nearly 250,000 km, passed through 75 countries and had countless adventures.

‘Life on 2 Wheels’ gives you the opportunity to live through this marathon journey.
With his travel stories and a healthy dose of humour, Sjaak takes you to the far corners of the earth!

Crossing the Sahara • Traversing a river in a hollowed out tree trunk • Setting a speed record on the world’s largest salt lake • Stalin’s Road of Bones • The bike as hand luggage in a Russian plane • Exploding dynamite in Bolivia • A voyage in a cocaine smuggler’s boat • Breathtaking landscapes • In love with a Venezuelan beauty • Fascinating cultures with special traditions

Border problems • Police • Visas • Muddy tracks • Bureaucracy • Food • Breakdowns • Extreme weather conditions • Finances • Camping • Nostalgia • Sponsors • Repairs • Shipments • Broader horizons • Civil war • Illness • Accidents • Routes • Dangers • Helpfulness • Dreams

• Going around the world with time as your friend •

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